Twin Communications of America, Inc.

Twin Communications of America, Inc. (TCA) is
located in the heart of the Silicon Valley in San Jose, California.

TCA offers the core technology to realize the real "Ubiquitous" network world.



International CES 2008
The home server system concept demonstration was exhibited to International CES 2008 of Las Vegas.
(January 10,2008)

International CES 2007
The home server system concept demonstration was exhibited to International CES 2007 of Las Vegas. 
(January 11,2007)

(October 12,2004)

Twin Communications of America introduces Twincommunicator :
PDA-Based Instrument with dual role of I2C BUS Controller and Video Signal Generator

Hong Kong
(November 26, 2003)

Champion Technology Gears Up its Next Generation Network Solution Strategy with Advanced Web Communication Management Solution.

Kagaku Nippou Japan
(October 7, 2003)

TCA offers


  • Best solution for PDA
  • Best solution for set top box, TV and other home appliances
  • Best solution for B to B terminal

What is required in common for all these terminals is:

  • compact program size
  • speedy response
  • high level of performance
  • user friendly and high quality interface
  • flexibility to download additional functions
  • minimizing the cost/ resources for software development

XOE series can meet all these requirements!



Package Management
Rapid Application Development (RAD)
Portability across embedded devices


Super efficient graphics libraries
Support for all popular Hardware and OS combinations.


Lightweight Powerhouse

Market Momentum

Information Access and Interconnection Demands are Rising


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