I2C BUS Monitor



Compact PDA-based I2C BUS monitor.

Four AA batteries for 8 hours or more.

Graphical user interface.

Data analysis functionalities.



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Sample Setup

Twincommunicator waves using standard digital oscilloscope .

As shown above, this unit supports I2C BUS First Mode (400kbit/s).
Twincommunicator supports 3.3V-5.0V systems.
(Photograph above shows test with 3.3V system)

The test setup above shows 2 Twincommunicators connected to a universal board.
One Twincommunicator controls the target device, the other monitors the target device.
The green board on the left is the Twincommunicator board.
It is shown outside its case for demonstration purposes only.


Screenshots of Twincommunicator Software

Function Selection Screen
Simply tap the appropriate button to use the corresponding function.

Communication speeds for "Twincommunicator" can be changed on the "Settings" sreen.
If a setup is changed, it will be changed into the speed of new communication each time.
Restarting the application after after making such a change is unnecessary at all.

Data can be written to the designated register of an object device in master mode.

Twincommunicator also supports reading registers of a device.

On the Data Logging screen, dataflow on a bus can be monitored.
The slave address and sub address are set up as trigger conditions,
and the data corresponding to the specified conidtions conditions are displayed.
The time stamp of the resolution of 1microSec is attached to received data.

The data of NVM can be read and it can indicate by list.
The read data can be written out to an external storage device.
Moreover, the data saved at the external storage device can be written to NVM.



Video SG

A color bar signal can be outputted as a test pattern.
Twincommunicator supports NTSC and PAL video signal.

Video Pattern

Logic Analyzer(under development)


Twincommunicator for PC


Parts List

TwinCommunicator body

Product CD-ROM

  • Twincommunicator Software for PalmOS
  • Twincommunicator Software for Windows
  • Operating manual (PDF)

BNC / Pin plug adaptor

AC adaptor (100V-240V operation)

HotSync cable for CLIE

I2C cable (5p Mini-DIN)

I/O cable (8p Mini-DIN)

Test clip pin number table seal

Serial cable for PC

BNC video cable


Purchase of Philips I2C components conveys a license under the Philips' I2C patent
to use the components in the I2C system provided the system conforms to the
I2C specifications defined by Philips.

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